Event - Different kind of school

On February 24-28, 2020 scientists from Romanian Atmospheric Observatory – INOE participated at the event "Different kind of school". This main objective of this event was to promote our activities to the children and students.

Event - Different kind of school

On November 1st, 2019  scientists from Romanian Atmospheric Observatory – INOE hosted a debate on Climate Change having as main participants the students from the Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest. Debate topic was based on a document provided by the IPCC's" Intergovernmental Panel on...

Science Ambassadors in Schools


During May 2018, scientists from INOE visited several schools/high-schools in Bucharest and Magurele and presented why physics is important, especially atmospheric physics and what a career in research looks like. The main objective of this activity was to enhances school/high school students’...

Field campaigns


Field campaigns are a good opportunity for young and experienced scientists to perform research on specific applications. Many of our instruments (in situ and remote sensing) are mobile, and can be transported to any location of interest. Air and water quality measurements, intercomparison and validation campaigns as well as hands-on training were organized in Danube Delta (2006), Black Sea (2007), Surlari (2008), Timisoara (2008), Preila (2008), Leipzig (2009), Rovinari (2010), Cluj (2010) and continuing.

ARSss 2012

The Atmospheric Remote Sensing summer school (ARSss) is organized by RADO and comprises training classes in the scientific modules introducing concepts, practice and caveats of the different instrumental techniques, algorithm concepts and the atmospheric processes. This year, the ARS summer school was organized at RADO center in Magurele, 21st - 31st of August, with a special focus on hands-on training. 


ARSss - Atmospheric Remote Sensing summer school


The Atmospheric Remote Sensing summer school (ARSss) is organized by RADO as independent event or coupled with OTEM workshop. It comprises theoretical and hands-on training in different instrumental techniques, algorithm concepts and atmospheric process, as well as courses and practice of complementary skills: presentation, communication, project management, ethics.

Contact: Dr. Doina Nicolae, nnicol@inoe.ro

OTEM - Optoelectronic Techniques for Environmental Monitoring workshop


OTEM Workshop is organized every year since 2006 by the Remote Sensing Department in INOE.  The workshop is focused on current issues in environmental science, engineering, management and policies, with special emphasis on optoelectronic techniques, active and passive remote sensing and applications.

Website: http://otem.inoe.ro

Science Fairs



Laser Remote Sensing Department participates to ROMENVIROTEC since 2006, this being considered the perfect meeting place for environment protection agencies and institutions from Romania, willing to implement the requirements of the European Union related to this field....

Science communication event organized with the ocasion of World Space Week

Remote Sensing Dept. in INOE opens its gates to all curious people on October 8th, 2011, to visit the Romanian Atmospheric Observatory.


The Romanian Atmospheric Observatory open its gates to the scientists and public

The high-tech atmospheric research observatory in Romania is ready for operation, thanks to a €2.43 million grant from Norway and €0.44 million co-financing from National Agency for Scientific Research. The opening is scheduled for September 28, 2011 in Magurele, Ilfov county. His Excellency Mr. Oystein Hovdkinn, the Ambassador of Norway, and Mr. Chiaran Dearle from the European Commission, together with more than 70 guests will attend to the event.

The Remote Sensing Dept. in INOE is the main promoter of the RADO project, which we hope is just the beginning of a long-term operation research infrastructure.


Science Playground


Our Science Center at the Romanian Atmospheric Observatory is the place where everybody can have fun while performing research: children can play with experimental set-ups, students can learn by doing, scientists can create complex studies. The Science Center is part of the Romanian Atmospheric Observatory. Sometime, our Science Center comes to you.

Website: http://rado.inoe.ro