In situ analysis laboratory

In situ analysis laboratory includes an aerosol mass spectrometer, optical and gravimetric particle counters, a particle size spectrometer, a three color integrating nephelometer, 33-gaseous compounds differential optical absorption spectroscopy system and point monitors for O3, SO2, NOx and HC...

Automatic Pollen and Bioaerosol Detection


The instrument continuously monitors ambient air, instantly counting and characterizing different airborne particles. It enables rapid species recognition, providing a good understanding of atmospheric aerosol concentrations and their influence on public health and the environment.



The Aethalometer is the instrument most-used for the real-time measurement of aerosol Black Carbon. It provides accurate data with aerosol speciation on time-scales as rapid as 1 second, using multi-wavelength optical analysis.

Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor


The Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) measures mass loading and chemical composition of non-refractory aerosol particles in real-time. Smaller, lower cost, more robust, and simpler to operate than our AMS instruments, the ACSM is designed for long-term unattended deployment and routine...

Aerosol Mass Spectrometer AMS


The AMS combines mass spectrometric detection with particle time-of-flight in order to investigate the concentration, chemical composition and fine aerodynamic dimensions of aerosols. It is able to perform continuous monitoring of a complete mass spectrum, providing real-time size resolved...

Aerosol Particle Sizer APS


The Aerodynamic Particle Sizer Spectrometer is a high performance instrument providing measurements on aerodynamic diameter of aerosols and relative light scattering intensity. The instrument provides the diameter of particles using time-of-flight technique on 0.5-20 μm particles, measured in an...

Environmental Dust Monitor EDM


EDM is an automated measuring system for measuring particulate matter concentration (PM10, PM2.5) in ambient air. This system offers outstanding features such as simultaneous PM measurements in 31 particle size channels, 0.1 μg/m3 resolution, and an isothermal inlet with an integrated Nafion...

Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter CCN


The Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter measures the count and size of individual aerosol particles that can form into cloud droplets. Its fast response time allows use in either airborne or ground-based stations.

Gas analyzers


The ambient monitors measure gas concentrations using classical methods such as the cross-flow modulated semi decompression chemoluminiscence method (for NOx monitor), UV fluorescence (SO2 monitor), non-dispersion cross modulation infrared analysis method (CO monitor), ultraviolet absorption...

Integrating Nephelometer


The Integrating Nephelometer provides long-term monitoring of air quality in ground-based and airborne studies. It continuously monitors the light scattering coefficient of airborne particles.

The nephelometer is an instrument that measures aerosol light scattering. It detects scattering...

DustTrak Aerosol Monitor


The DustTrak Aerosol Monitor is a portable laser photometer which provides real time digital read-out of particle concentration with the aid of an incorporated data logger.

The DustTrak provides a real-time measurement based on 90 degrees light scattering. A pump draws the sample aerosol...

Low Volume Sampler


The Low Volume Sampler is used for measuring the concentration of suspended particulate, indoors and outdoors. The particles sampled on the filter can be gravimetrically evaluated and analyzed with regard to dust components. The air sample is drawn in through the inlet by a vacuum pump. The air...