HELENA - HERA LIDAR ENGINEERING MODEL ALTIMETER aims the development of a lidar engineering model (EM) altimeter for current and future ESA AIM missions. The project is primary focused on the development of an altimeter for the HERA mission. HELENA design is based on a Laser Landing Altimeter...


SAMIRA - SAtellite based Monitoring Initiative for Regional Air quality goal is to improve regional and local air quality monitoring through synergetic use of data from present and upcoming satellites, traditionally used in situ air quality monitoring networks and output from chemical transport...

About APEL

APEL  - Pilot Study on Assessment of atmospheric optical properties during biomass burning events and long-range transport of desert dust main objective  is to foster the exchange of expertise between EARLINET and LALINET and to increase the capability of joint research, and thus setting the...


FRM4RADAR - 94 GHz Miniature Network for EarthCARE Reference Measurements project will deploy, operate and exploit cloud radar data at two new sites, one in Sweden, and one in Romania, extending by this the geographical coverage of cloud observations in Europe towards North and East. Transfer of...

About DIVA

DIVA - Demonstration of an Integrated approach for the Validation and exploitation of Atmospheric missions is setting-up of a pilot hub to collect, handle, archive, and exploit in a synergetic way observational data, as provided by the future integrated atmospheric composition ground-based...


GEO-CRADLE (Coordinating and integRating state-of-the-art Earth Observation Activities in the regions of North Africa, Middle East, and Balkans and Developing Links with GEO related initiatives towards GEOSS) is a H2020 project funded by EC GA  H2020-SC5-2015-one-stage Ctr.: 690133/...


ACTRIS-PPP is a H2020 project funded by EC under the GA H2020-INFRADEV-2016-2017, ctr. 739530.

About ACTRIS-2

ACTRIS-2 is a H2020 project funded by EC under the GA H2020-INFRAIA-2014-2015, ctr. 654109. 


RAMOS - Technical Assistance For A Romanian Atmospheric Observation System is an ESA-ESTEC project (ESA/4000118115/16/NL/FF/gp) which proposes to develop and integrate an integrated facility based on combination of ground-based and airborne remote sensing capabilities to retrieve several atmospheric species (greenhouse gases, air pollutants, aerosols).


NATALI - Neural network Aerosol Typing Algorithm based on LIdar data aims to intensify the participation of the Romanian scientific community to the "ESA contributing missions" through the development of new tools for aerosol typing based on optical (active) remote sensing data. 


MULTIPLY - Development of a European HSRL airborne facility, is a ESA-ESTEC project which proposes the development of a novel multi-wavelength HSRL system (3b + 2a + 3d) for airborne operation.