FRM4RADAR - 94 GHz Miniature Network for EarthCARE Reference Measurements project will deploy, operate and exploit cloud radar data at two new sites, one in Sweden, and one in Romania, extending by this the geographical coverage of cloud observations in Europe towards North and East. Transfer of expertise from UC to INOE and SMHI is planned, as well as joint research with FMI for adjustment and implementation of the Cloudnet algorithm suite. According to the SoW, the project will be divided into five major tasks (from now on referred to as Work Packages WP) focusing on the procurement, set-up and testing of the instruments, definition of operation procedures and data handling procedures, and development of specific products for EarthCARE Cal/Val. Special attention will be paid to the quality control of various levels of data products, and the usefulness of the low-cost Doppler radars in Cal/Val of satellite products, and in cloud microphysics studies.