RO-CEO Results Phase 3



This phase had in view to carry out complex analyzes in order to emphasize both the strengths and gaps of the Romanian organizations involved in the field of Earth Observation, as well as to identify the alternative solutions for the development of relevant capacities for EO.


RO-CEO Results Phase 2


The second phase of RO-CEO project has envisaged to set-up and populate the portal of Romanian Cluster for Earth Observation. During 2017 specific technical activities for implementation of the RO-CEO portal were carried out, from the stage of the database design to the development,...

RO-CEO Results Phase 1



Phase 1 of RO-CEO project was mainly dedicated on mapping activities:

  • identifying the existing national capacities for EO;

  • setting up an experts group to cover all aspects of EO;

  • providing the baseline information in support of ESA EO efforts to monitor and support...

RO-CEO Action plan

RO-CEO action plan relies on three pillars:

In the first pillar “Landscape”, we intend to identify, invite and include in our community all relevant actors in the field of EO in Romania, from the knowledge creators to hardware and software developers, and end-users. This will be realized...

About RO-CEO

RO-CEO is a ROSA-STAR project, 109/2016. The overall scope of RO-CEO is to increase the capacity of Romanian organizations to contribute to ESA’s EO programmes and projects, by setting-up the Romanian Cluster for Earth Observation. See more at: