RO-CEO Results Phase 1


Phase 1 of RO-CEO project was mainly dedicated on mapping activities:

  • identifying the existing national capacities for EO;

  • setting up an experts group to cover all aspects of EO;

  • providing the baseline information in support of ESA EO efforts to monitor and support environmental management;

  • quantifying national stakeholders’ perceptions on the role of various aspects of EO systems / tools implementation;

  • examining the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects involved in the EO integration at European level.

As the result of a general screening, a number of Romanian institutions were identified as potential participants in Earth Observation activities. These institutions were identified by querying the ERRIS, EMITS and ROSA-STAR platforms, as well as pre-existing collaborations with the RO-CEO project consortium members.

A preliminary list of institutions and contact persons has been prepared in order to address the request for completing an on-line questionnaire. Based on these questionnaires the RO-CEO database with specific capacity and expertise. In order to complete the on-line questionnaire, the RO-CEO website was built (

The RO-CEO logo has been also created.