Passive remote sensing laboratory

Passive Remote sensing laboratory includes 2 microwave radiometers, solar and lunar sunphotometer, razon+ and real time satellite images through Eumetcast. Profiles of temperature and humidity are correlated with lidars data, as well as AERONET sunphotometer derived information.

Sun Sky Lunar Multispectral Photometer


INOE's Sun Sky Lunar multiband photometer is recognized as the worldwide reference for aerosol observing networks. Numerous applications take advantage of the aerosol charateristics and atmospheric optical properties provided by this photometer: Climate and climate change studies; Air quality...



RaZON+ is an innovative ALL-IN-ONE solar monitoring system with integrated pyrheliometer, shaded pyranometer, digital data processing, GPS receiver and data logger. It measures direct normal irradiance (DNI) from the sun and diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI) from the sky and, knowing the sun...

Microwave Radiometer Profiler


This humidity and temperature profiler uses radiation using two bands: 22-31 GHz (7 channel filter bank humidity profiler and LWP radiometer) and 51-58 GHz (7 channel filter bank temperature profiler).

Temperature vertical resolution is 50 m in the boundary layer (0-1200 meters), 200 m until...

Automatic sun tracking photometer


The CE 318 automatic sun tracking photometer measures sun and sky radiance in order to derive total column water vapor, ozone and aerosols properties using a combination of spectral filters and azimuth/zenith viewing controlled by a microprocessor.

The sun photometer is composed of an optical...