This year, the ARS summer school was organized at RADO center in Magurele, 21st - 31st of August, and included the following sessions:

  • Presentation and communication (basic)
  • Lectures on atmospheric physics and meteorology (basic)
  • Lectures on atmospheric optics and spectroscopy (basic)
  • Short introduction to LabVIEW
  • Interactive sessions on lidar (aerosols): instrument, data processing
  • Interactive sessions on UV and IR cameras (SO2): instruments, data processing
  • Applications: measurements, data processing, complex analysis (lidar, cameras, sunphotometer, HYSPLIT) - as part of the individual research project
  • Presentation of the individual project's results

Access to ARSss was open to students (undergraduates, MSc, PhD) and young scientists.

ARSss scientific session and lectors:



Sabina Stefan

Atmospheric physics

Doina Nicolae

Atmospheric optics

Silviu Gurlui


Anca Nemuc


Sabina Stefan

Meteorology (principles)

Camelia Talianu


Alexandra Maris


Mihai Cazacu

Lidar (instrumentation: RADO standard instrument)

Livio Belegante

Lidar (instrumentation: multiwavelength depolarization lidar)

Jeni Vasilescu

UV & IR spectroscopic cameras

Doina Nicolae

Lidar (inversion)

Anca Nemuc

Models, case analysis

Alexandru Ozunu

Risk analysis, hazard

ARSss pictures: