ISABEL (Intelligent Software for Aerosol typing Based on Earth observation products, remote sensing measurements and transport modelLing) is a ROSA-STAR project, ctr. 183/2017.

The purpose of the project is to develop a state of the art aerosol-typing software prototype based on the classification intelligent algorithms using data from active and passive remote sensing instruments together with satellite imagery and in situ data. The aerosols transport modelling will be also used to develop this software. Using remote sensing data, the dependence of the relative humidity of the aerosol size and density will be analysed and the in order to improve observations of aerosol optical and hygroscopic properties, hence, providing more accurate information on the type of aerosol in each aerosol layer from atmosphere. Combining numerical modelling with the remote sensing measurements the relationship between sources and receptors will be analysed in order to make a correlation between aerosol types and their sources, information important to aerosols classification.