MULTIPLY - Development of a European HSRL airborne facility, is a ESA-ESTEC project which proposes the development of a novel multi-wavelength HSRL system (3b + 2a + 3d) for airborne operation, capable of retrieving the aerosol extinction, backscatter and depolarization profile distributions. The system will be designed to be especially compact and robust, both optically and mechanically. This will be addressed during the Phase A of the project.

The integration of the HSRL system on board of a EUFAR (EUropean Facility for Airborne Research) research aircraft will be addressed during the Phase B of the project. The new lidar system operation will be tested for in flight operation and further validated during a dedicated experimental campaign that will take place over a number of European lidar stations, members of EARLINET (European Aerosol Research Lidar NETwork).