The main goal of the Remote Sensing Dept. is to strength the research and technological development capacities and set-up strategic partnerships with excellent research entities worldwide in order to produce and manage information on the environment.

The efforts are focused on two main objectives:

  • Scientific objectives:
    • development and improvement of investigation methods dedicated to environmental assessment and control;
    • experimental and theoretical research on atmospheric components' microphysics, radiative forcing, air quality and climatology (of short-lived species), in the frame of European and global networks.
  • Complementary objectives:
    • development of personnel professional and complementary skills
    • establish a continuous dialog with different stakeholder groups 

Our main actions include:

  • Scientific activities: analysis of polluting particles and gases, studies of impact on radiative processes in the atmosphere leading to climate change.
  • Operational activities: monitoring of greenhouse gases and suspended particles, measurement of meteorological parameters (vertical profiles of water vapor, humidity, temperature and wind).
  • Education for science and environment: post graduate training for MSc and PhD Students, educational programs (demonstration, hands-on training, multimedia) for children and high school students.