Prof. PhD Sabina Stefan  -  is a physicist. She is head of the Department of Atmospheric Physics, Faculty of Physics at theUniversity of Bucharest and has more than 35 years experience in the field of Atmospheric Physics. She holds a Ph.D. from The University of Bucharest, with a Thesis on the physics of evaporation and condensation processes in atmosphere. She is the National Correspondent for The International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science (IAMAS), member of The International Committee of Climate (ICCL), and a member of The European Physical Society. The fields of research are: dynamical meteorology and climatology, clouds and precipitation physics. She has published five books, two of which are regarded as important textbooks for Romanian students and researchers interested in the field of Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology: Atmospheric Aerosol Physics (Ed. All, 1998, 250 pg. and Atmospheric Physics, Weather and Climate (Ed. University of Bucharest, 2004 year, 420 pg.). She was awarded theRomanianAcademy prize, Stefan Hepites and has over 30 ISI papers and 45 referenced paper.

PhD Ioan Balin - is a physicist. He is  specialized in Optics-Spectroscopy-Lasers at "Al.I.Cuza" University inRomania (1992) and beneficiary of a completed formation in Environmental Sciences as postgraduate- master at EPFL -Lausanne from 1997-1999 , I. Balin obtained in 2004 a PhD in LIDAR technique developments and applications  at EPFL -Lausanne. From 2005 he is active as research director at EnviroScopY SA - PSE- EPFL inLausanne and from 2009 also as physics lecturer at engineering school HEIG-VD for bachelor level. He is author of many reference publications in the domain of LIDAR techniques and in general in atmospheric sciences in Applied Optics, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Geophysical Research, Applied Physics and Atmospheric Environment. 

PhD Viorel Vulturescu - is an engineer. He graduated "Politechnica" University of Bucharest, Faculty of Production Systems Engineering in 1997. He has a master degree from "Academy of Economic Studies", "Faculty of International Economic Relations", Master - International Project Management  in 2009. He received the PhD title presenting the thesis " Management techniques and web platform for European research projects" awarded by "Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu.

PhD Student Andreea Boscornea - is a physicist. She graduated the West University, Faculty of Physics, Timisoara. In 2011 she obtained  two master degrees from University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics - "Atmospheric Physics" and "Photonics, lasers, plasma and spectroscopy". Now she is PhD student at University of Bucharest, Doctoral School of Meteorology and Environmental Physics.