Doppler (Wind) Lidar

Doppler (wind) lidar


Doppler LIDAR Stream Line XR system is an active remote sensing instrument which uses laser to identify and measure the distance to a target. It is capable of measuring profiles of backscatter intensity from aerosols and clouds, Doppler wind components and derived profiles of horizontal wind direction and wind speed. It performs measurements at a 1.5 µm wavelength (eye-safe, class 1M) with a 1 s time resolution averaged data and 10 Hz instantaneous data and a 3 m range resolution (gate overlapping). It has a rugged, reliable, modular construction which offers the benefit of autonomous, portable operation and thanks to a cooling-heating unit it has a -20° to +45°C operating temperature interval.

It is used in different fields such as: meteorology for wind profiling, visibility, boundary layer mixing height; university research for PBL mapping, Eddy dissipation rate, cloud research; airports for wind profiles, cloud base mapping, vortex detection and tracking.