1. INOE is involved in the calibration and validation of the satellite missions. In the summer of 2019 several campaigns are foreseen to be executed. On July 2019 a green-house gases measurement campaign will be performed in Poland, with measurement locations in Warsaw, Poznan and Rzecin. This intensive measurement campaign will be dedicated to Sentinel 5P. On August - September 2019 another campaign with Sentinel 5P as main subject will be organized in Bucharest focusing on aerosols and air pollutants measurements.

2. During 2019 - 2020 INOE will be involved in extensive and intensive campaign with the purpose to assess the effect of residential solid waste burning on ambient air quality in Central and Eastern Europe. The campaign will be performed in the same time in Hungary and Romania. In Romania the evaluation will cover Bucharest, Cluj, Deva and Focsani areas and will be performed in both, hot and cold seasons.