The 9th International Workshop on Sand / Dust Storms and Associated Dustfall (DUSTworkshop9) will serve as forum for the analysis and discussion on the scientific research on mineral dust and its connections to air quality, environmental impacts and climate.
The goal is to bring scientists from all around the world to exchange ideas on scientific research on:

  • Dust impacts on air quality, human health and environment,
  • Dust and climate,
  • Mitigation of dust impacts,
  • Dust remote-sensing observations,
  • Dust in-situ observations,
  • Dust modeling,
  • Dust forecast,
  • Dust – atmosphere – ocean productivity connections,
  • Dust and radiation,
  • Dust and clouds,
  • Dust properties: sources, size, composition, mineralogy, aging, mixing with pollutants,


Abstract submission: 15 Nov. 2017 – 15 Feb. 2018.


The event is organized by the State Meteorological Agency of Spain (AEMET) and World Meteorological Organization's Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (WMO  SDS-WAS)