AirFRAME (Aerosol properties retrieval from remote sensing spectroscopic measurements) represents the Romanian contribution to international efforts in setting up a ground-based network of monitoring stations which will be used for the calibration and validation of different product regarding the atmosphere during the commissioning and operational phase of existing and future ESA space missions.

The general objective of the AiRFRAME’s project is to improve the capability of ESA mission’s calibration/validation activities using ground based differential optical absorption spectrometric measurements. A software prototype will be developed during the project implementation, dedicated to Pandora systems retrievals of aerosols properties.

Contract number: 162/20.07.2017  ROSA-STAR Program

Coordinator : National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics

Partner: "Alexandru Ioan Cuza " Iasi University

Implementation period :20.07.2017-20.07.2019