ACTRIS-PPP is a H2020 project funded by EC under the GA H2020-INFRADEV-2016-2017, ctr. 739530.

The ACTRIS PPP is the tool to define the most appropriate and cost-efficient long-term organization for ACTRIS.

ACTRIS PPP builds on the outcome of previous ACTRIS projects, and will run in parallel with ACTRIS-2. ACTRIS PPP will establish the legal, financial and administrative elements of ACTRIS and finalise the planning of the technical work and support the construction of ACTRIS facilities. The decisions on site locations and service portfolio will be performed within the framework of ACTRIS PPP. In addition, ACTRIS PPP will develop the service policies and RI access requirements, establishing a service access management unit to provide coordinated and easy access to RI services for users.

With reference to the status of ACTRIS implementation and the distributed nature of the ACTRIS research infrastructure, the strategic goals of ACTRIS PPP are to:

  • establish the most suitable governance and management structure for ACTRIS at European level;
  • support the establishment of ACTRIS as a legal entity via mutual agreement among the countries involved regarding the core legal entity and the governance structure of the infrastructure for its longterm operation;
  • develop the ACTRIS financial framework implementing the financial commitments of the ACTRIS members;
  • identify and select the core National and Central Facilities of ACTRIS and finalise the required technical work of the RI;
  • analyse the socio-economic impact of ACTRIS, link ACTRIS with European and international components of Earth observation and Earth system science (e.g. Group on Earth Observation, GEO), develop the longer-term overall strategy of the RI, and to build up the necessary agility of operation to meet future user requirements.

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