CEO-Terra is focused on the following identified needs for cutting-edge technology developement:

  • Development of special infrastructurse capable to measure simultaneous and at the same site several parameters of environmental factors, describing their optical,physical and chemical properties
  • Synergetic use of various techniques (Laboratory, in situ, passive ancd active remore sensing,, methods and platforms (ground based,airborne,satellite)– especially in Eastern Europe
  • New technical solutions for new parameters characterisation (e.g. developement of new sensors for multispectral and depolarization)
  • Continuous and long term operation of the instruments, and automatization (fiability, command and control)
  • Development of advanced mathematical algorithms which should enable the highly accurate extraction of information (improved spatial and temporal resolution, low uncertainty etc.).
  • Homogenizing the data, in regard to the geographical spread, information content, collection frequency and accuracy
  • Prototype development and testing on the ground, before it is included aboard the satellites
  • Independent modalities of constant control of the performances of observation instruments aboard satellites