Main instruments used to measure and characterize greenhouse gases at RADO stations:

GREENEHOUSE GASES Magurele Baneasa Timisoara Iasi Cluj Parameters
Ozone, remote sensing Ozone DIAL         Concentration
Water vapor, remote sensing Multiwavelength Raman depolarization lidar         Mixing ratio
Sulphur dioxide, remote sensing UV-Cam UV-Cam UV-Cam UV-Cam UV-Cam Concentration
IR-Cam IR-Cam IR-Cam IR-Cam IR-Cam Concentration
Integrated path, remote sensing DOAS (33 with UV absorption) DOAS NDIR (CO)     Concentration
In situ sampling O3, CO, SO2, NOX, THC, CO2 CO2, O3 O3, CO, SO2, NOX, THC, CO2, VOC CO2, O3 CO2, O3 Concentration