The aim of EARLI09 campaign – EArlinet Reference LIdars campaign 2009 - was to compare reference and non-reference mobile lidar systems in EARLINET (European Aerosol Research Lidar Network) in various atmospheric conditions and also to validate all channels showing acceptable deviations. In combination with the validation of algorithms, this validation ensures the quality of output data of a particular channel.

This campaign was organized in Leipzig, Germany at the Institute for Tropospheric Physics between 4 and 29 May 2009. During 24 days of measurements, 16 lidar systems belonging to 12 groups from all over the Europe were operating on a specific schedule. Four of the systems are EARLINET reference systems, 6 are EARLINET nonreference systems (including ours) and 4 systems outside EARLINET. The measurements were take place in 3 hours sessions when the weather allowed, with a 1 minute time resolution.

RALI lidar system was upgraded and tested against other lidar systems. This was an excellent opportunity to evaluate the Bucharest multiwavelength lidar system performances and also to optimize its operation and to test data handling procedures and programs. Our lidar system does not encounter any technical problems during the campaign, proving a good stability and accuracy.

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