Being one of the most advanced centers for atmospheric research in Romania, and the only one involved in laser remote sensing at that moment, at the beginning of 2010 INOE's laser remote sensing group was asked to provide transnational access to infrastructure as full partner in FP7 I3 project ACTRIS (INFRA-2010-1-1.1.16 proj. no. 262254). This project aims at integrating European ground-based stations equipped with advanced atmospheric probing instrumentation for aerosols, clouds and short-lived gas-phase species. It is a multidisciplinary project, combining ground-based and remote sensing instruments and networks, experimental and theoretical research, modeling and observations.

What is our task in ACTRIS? As member of EARLINET, we are involved in networking (NA2 Remote sensing of vertical aerosol distribution) and joint research activities (JRA1:Lidar and sunphotometer – Improved instruments, integrated observations and combined algorithms). Additionally, based on our multi-purpose, complex laboratories involving remote sensing but also in situ instrumentation for atmospheric studies, we offer trans-national access to infrastructure. We are mainly inviting users from Eastern Europe, which are close as education and mentality with Romanians (sharing for a long period of time the same educational practices and organizational structures), but our center is now suitable to host researchers from any part of the world, with the advantage of low living expenses.