Our team


Our team is composed of 19 researchers, 1 economist, 4 students (MS and PhD) and collaborators.  With a mean age of 37 and 45% women, the team is one of the most dynamic research group in Romania, involved in atmospheric physics. Apart from scientific work, we have strong links with academia,...


PhD Doina Nicolae, physicist, lidar, head of Dept.

PhD Camelia Talianu, mathematician, programming

PhD Anca Nemuc, physicist, atmospheric physics

PhD Jeni Vasilescu, physicist, spectroscopy

PhD Luminita Marmureanu, biologist, data analysis

PhD Livio Belegante, engineer, lidar 

Eng. Cristian Radu, engineer, instruments

PhD Ioannis Binietoglou, physicist, data inversion 

PhD Simona Andrei, meteorologist, modeling and forecast 

PhD. Emil Carstea, engineer, lidar, passive remote sensors

PhD. Konstantinos Fragkos, physicist, radiative transfer, passive remote sensors

PhD. Dragos Ene, engineer, active remote sensing

PhD. Flori Toanca, active and passive remote sensors

PhD. Mariana Adam, physicist, active and passive remote sensing, aerosol optical and microphysical properties, water vapor


PhD student Victor Nicolae, engineer, programmer

MS Mihai Boldeanu, engineer, programmer

PhD student Alexandru Dandocsi, engineer, differential optical absorption spectroscopy 

PhD student Cristina Marin, engineer, spectroscopy 

Alexandru Tilea, economist


Prof. PhD Sabina Stefan , physicist, collaborator

PhD Viorel Vulturescu , engineer, collaborator

PhD Ioan Balin, physicist, collaborator