Science Playground

The Science Center

Science Center is part of the Romanian Atmospheric Observatory. It has a double role for human resources training (master and PhD students) and implementation of the proposed activities during the project (scientific fair, practical demonstration of scientific phenomena, direct interactions with the public, publicity through mass media. Our Science Center at the Romanian Atmospheric Observatory is the place where everybody can have fun while performing research: children can play with experimental set-ups, students can learn by doing, scientists can create complex studies. Sometime, our Science Center comes to you.

 Researchers Night

Laser Remote Sensing from INOE participated to Researcher's Night in 2009 and 2010. The event bringing together the public at large and researchers. It occurs annually on the fourth Friday of September all over Europe. Its main objective is to reveal scientists and science in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Researchers' Night offers the opportunity to discover research facilities that are usually not open to public (laboratories, research centers, museum collections, ...), use the most recent technologies and instruments with the guidance of scientists, participate in experiments, competitions and quizzes, watch demonstrations and simulations, exchange ideas and party with the researchers. One of the main messages of Researchers' Night is that researchers are "ordinary people with an extraordinary job". Beyond their fascinating profession they are sportsmen, musicians, painters, singers, comedians, and they are ready to share their talent with the public.