Aerosol Mass Spectrometer AMS

The AMS combines mass spectrometric detection with particle time-of-flight in order to investigate the concentration, chemical composition and fine aerodynamic dimensions of aerosols. It is able to perform continuous monitoring of a complete mass spectrum, providing real-time size resolved composition analysis of particulate matter, with 0.002 µg/m3 detection limit and mass range up to 800 m/z.

The main C-ToF-AMS output parameters are:

•         average mass concentration for several species,

•         mass range distribution of aerosols up to 800 m/z,

•         concentration time series,

•         aerodynamic size distribution of aerosols.

The most important applications are: measurement of ambient atmospheric aerosol mass and size, emissions characterization of combustion sources, mapping of fine aerosol properties, and analysis of chemical composition as a function of particle size for aerosol delivery systems.