IR-VIS aerosol lidar - LISA

The IR-VIS aerosol lidar detects the Mie / Rayleigh backscattering radiation from atmospheric molecules and aerosol particles.

The laser emission wavelengths are 1064 nm (up to 100mJ) and 532 nm (up to 50mJ) and the detection channels are 1064 and 532 nm. The laser pulse duration is 10-12 ns (at level 0.5), repetition rate 15Hz, and the beam diameter between 4 mm at fwhm. The dynamic range is up to 10 km depending on atmosphere transmission, with a 15 m spatial resolution. The reception has a 260 mm quasi-Cassegrain telescope with 2.5-18 angle min. field of view, and the system acquisition is analog with a 25 MS/s analog sampling rate with 12 bits digit capacity of AD converter.

The output parameter is the backscatter coefficient and color ratio (1064 and 532 nm).